The pink bag – the perfect touch of color

Am avut intotdeauna o slabiciune pentru nuantele puternice. Daca mai demult, eram adepta unor combinatii cromatice de-a dreptul explozive, in care se intalneau mai multe culori puternice, acum prefer un dozaj mai temperat, care sa insoteasca o tinuta neutra si sa o puna in evidenta.

Astfel, in ultima perioada m-am imprietenit cu tinutele neutre, in culori cuminti si am invatat sa le adaug exact pata de culoare necesara pentru a-mi satisface si pofta de nuante tari.



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The pyjama trend for Fall/Winter 2016

It may be the coolest way to dress this season. It you’re looking for new wardrobe ideas and you’re in the mood to try something less mainstream, then you should go for the “Pyjama Trend”.

Straight out of your bedroom, the new street pyjamas look the same as your interior ones, but with a much cooler effect.

They’re fresh, relaxed, comfortable and also versatile, as far a I see it.



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What would you wear this season?

Because it`s Saturday and we are all allowed to dream a little more than usual, let`s play a little game. Imagine you could wear whatever you`d like, without any concern about trends, must have pieces and what`s thought as being cool or not.

I let my imagination run wild and I found the perfect pieces to dress me during this Fall. It’s not what you would’ve expected, since it’s so different from my daily wardrobe routine.  But it’s not that I don’t love this style, it’s just a matter of lifestyle and reality versus dream kind of situation – no, I don’t have a driver, nor do I live in a castle :)


Roberto Cavalli FW 2016

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culottes 5

Try the Culottes pants

I always chose my clothes based on my body shape and always advice the ones around me to do the same, because it’s the best way to feel good about yourself and your clothes. This way, you can accentuate the body parts you’re most proud of and hide the ones you don’t really want to show.

Although I love lots of styles, I have to choose the right things to flatter my body. For exemple, I’m not really into ankle boots (with some exceptions) cause they cut my legs and they look shorter.

Anyway, when the culottes trend emerged, I absolutely loved it, but feared I couldn’t wear it due to my high and the constant need (or desire) to add some inches to my figure.

Going round and round in shops, I decided it was time to try a pair of culottes trousers and…what a match!!! High waist-ed, black, with the perfect length, it was love at first try!

culottes 6

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