New AFMF Spring/Summer 2016 collection

It’s not the first time I mention you AFMF and certainly it won’t be the last!

AFMF is a new Romanian brand, the offers cool clothes inspired by freedom and fun. Designed following the latest fashion trends, using great fabrics and with a special attention to details, AFMF is the brand you need to know right now from the new designer’s wave.

Today we talk about the latest AFMF collection, for the Spring/Summer 2016 collection.I already previewed the clothes, tried them and bought some items, that I will show you really soon in a new photo shoot.

What is the new collection about?

Well, comfortable clothes, trendy designs, a mix and match between sport casual and elegant, with a touch of 70’s fashion.

You could divide the collection in 3 main parts:

1. Denim- you should know by now that denim is the absolute must have this season. You can wear a head-to-toe denim outfit without looking it you’re into this fabric, it’s the moment to try it!

Look AFMF 1Look AFMF 2

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All you need to know about a garage sale

Maybe the idea of a Garage sale seems weird to you, even if you’re a client or an exposer: who could buy products, is it ok for you the bring your clothes to a garage sale, etc.

I must admit that I also thought about these things, not knowing for sure if it’s let’s say suitable for me to participate in such an event. But I finally did it this weekend and I must say I’m very happy I did so.

That I why I figured it’s helpful for you to know what to except from such an event, the ups and downs, to pro’s and con’s.

1. You will meet very cool people, with very cool wardrobes. Of course, not all of the participants are so, but u’ll have a big surprise seeing normal, well dressed people, bringing the clothes they no longer need, for a garage sale.


2. Garage sale is a social activity. You will meet here people that may become your friends and because usually, the ones who come here are not at their first, u’ll have plenty of time to know them in future events. Continue reading

Debenhams Entrance

Debenhams, welcome back!

Those who are shopping in Mall Vitan felt a big absence in the last 2 years, but this is over now, since Debenhams is back in town.  Where? At the same spot he used to be, in Mall Vitan, same area, spread on 3 floors.

Last week,  I attended the official re-opening of Debenhams shop, who offers a very generous space dedicated to fashion & beauty.

First floor is dedicated to the beauty zone (with brands from  Maybelline, Max Factor, Loreal to  Clarins, Chanel, Dior, etc.), but also hosts a corner filled with handbags and shoes. Continue reading

New Fall/Winter 2013/2014 Lee Cooper collection


Inspired by the life style, spirit and energy of the new generation, Lee Cooper presents the Fall/Winter collection, mixing in an urban style traditional denim pieces and casual items, in a very young – relaxed appearance.

In a very British style, witch is also the trademark of Lee Cooper, the new collection is showing us a large variety of colors from natural shades, marine accents and shades of green),to more dark colors like bluemarin and black (both in women’s and men collections), but also with a touch of bright colors, in this season star -shade: fuchsia.

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5 items I crave for

poza wish listOk, we will establish from the beginning that I am an inexhaustible source of inspiration when it comes to wish lists. It doesn’t matter that I just purchased a new pair of shoes or that I just bought a pair of palazzo pants – so in right now!

Today it’s a new day and that means new wishes ( I just found out that a high end boutique has sales of over 30% in this period!!!).

I will start my weekend with some must have pieces that I so need now, but probably will need them also next week :)

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Preview Blogger’s Yard Sale – Sunday, 31 March

Maine, 31 Martie, ne intalnim la Blogger’s Yard Sale, organizat la Luna Cafe & Bistro.

Ce vom face maine? In primul rand socializam cu voi, cititoarele noastre! Blogger-itele prezente la eveniment* vor povesti despre moda, despre blog-urile lor, pasiunile lor si orice alt subiect se va ivi.

In al 2-lea rand, ne-am gandit sa impartasim garderoba noastra cu voi, astfel ca vom veni fiecare cu item-uri foarte dragi noua, de care am decis sa ne despartim pentru a compune noi tinute interesante in garderoba voastra.

Eu va ofer un mic preview al pieselor pe care le veti gasi maine la standul meu, alaturi de multe alte rochii, fuste, posete sau pantofi. Unele sunt noi-noute, nepurtate, altele au fost purtate de 2-3 ori.

Va astept cu drag maine la Luna Cafe & Bistro ( Strada Viitorului Nr. 32, este chiar langa Piata Gemeni, langa Mega Image concept Store si El Grande Comandante, se ajunge cu 133, 86, 135 si tramvai) !

PS: In plus, promitem tombole interesante cu produse atent alese de fiecare blogger-ita in parte si sesiuni de make-up, oferite de Adela manolache, intre orele 13 – 15!!!

* Vor participa Adam Stella (Fashion Doctor), Carmen Negoiţă (Carmen Negoita), Gabriela Atanasov (Sweet Paprika), Mihaela Gurău (Overseeing Fashion), Petronela Cucu (The Rubber Doll), Simona Floroaia (La Bohème), Manuela Lupascu (Let’s talk about Fashion), Gabriela Ciobanu (Gabriela Ciobanu), Irina Lipanescu (Leti), Dinna Doneanu (Fashionette), Raluca Vintilescu (Blackeyed), Alice(Pop Culture and Fashion Magic), Liana Popa (Aveti si pe roz?)

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