How to wear fur coats this season

Now that we are officially in winter season, we can openly talk about FUR. Yes, fur jackets, our  cozy special friend during winters.

As you well know, fur is all over the place this year. In shoes, bags, hats and of course, coats. It’s your pick if you choose just a small fur detail or a somptuos coat.

blana-3I prefer the coats, so let’s see how you can wear them with style .

If usually a fur coat look a little bit old, maybe too serious or too mature, the current fashion trends take it to another level, making it fresh and cool.


If I were to make a top of my favorite look, the next 2 outfits are definetly on my list.

The first look takes the fur jacket to another level. The multicolored piece find its perfect companions in a pair of ankle cropped jeans and a pair of loafers, in a perfect daily outfits. You may wonder what to do with loafers during winter, so let’s see what we can do about it.

–  first, you could wear a pair of socks, they’re very cool these days

– second, you could replace them with a pair of casual bootis, with a medium heel, also very cool

The second look fits me best! I love the long fur jacket, its design and coloring. While she’s opulent enough to steal the show, the long grey dress, probably in cashmere, gives it an effortless look and makes the perfect balance for a day-to-day chic outfit. Of course, the shoes, complete perfectly this look – any other pair would’ve been too much. 


Of course there are so many ways to wear fur jackets this season. Still, the coolest outfits are casual and they imply a pair of loafers or sneakers and usually some jeans.

If you decide to wear the fur jacket with high heels, you should pay attention to the proportions, cause it can easily become too much. I would avoid stilettos or over knee boots it they are not flat.Of course, if it’s a black tie attire, you can wear sandals, but this is a totally different situation.



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