Top 7 Fall booties

botine toamna

I do love booties! I really, really like them, but I don’t usually wear this type of shoes! As beautiful and versatile they are, as hard to wear they seam, specially when you don’t have the perfect silhouette.

The ankle booties, this season’s latest crush, shorten the leg length, making you shorter then you are…this if you don’t have Heidi Klum’s legs :-) And I’m not even talking about the flat booties!

Any way, I must admit I am fascinated by ankle booties and I would like a pair or two, once in a while.

I am currently waiting for a black wedge pair and secretly wishing on a dark red suede one (to be continued..).

I therefor prepared a small selection of Fall’s booties, that you can purchase in this time of year:

botine zara botine otter botine mango botine mango 2 botine zara 2

Photo 1: Il PASSO

Photos 2 si 6: Zara

Photo 3: Otter

Photos 4 si 5:Mango

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