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Balmain for H&M – the designer collection of the year

Counting the days till we’ll finally be able to shop the most expected collection of the season: Balmain for H&M. You’ve already seen tons of photos, videos, heard lots of rumors, but the expectation is killing you, right?

Well, the 5th November, be prepared to shop the items you wish for.

What is there to say? Well, Balmain for H&M is a collaboration which brings back some key items from Balmain former collections, literally bringing them back, because they are basically the same (except of course the fabrics).

The design of each and every single piece from the collection pays tribute to Balmain style: luxurious, opulent, sexy, daring.

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What’s the deal with fringes this season

Fall is already here and as usual, we must adapt our personal wardrobes to the new comfort zone, with gravitates around 20 degrees.

As always, we will go together through the seasonal trends, discovering with are the key pieces we must buy, what we should keep and what is a big No!No! in the next couple of month.

One of the main fashion directions of this period are the 70’s. It’s all about flare jeans, high waist, palazzo pants, lots of suede and of course, our subject for today: FRINGES.


Fringes were never actually out, but for Fall/Winter 2015-2016 they make a real statement. You will find them in shoes, coats, blazers, bags or dresses. Continue reading


Dedicated sandals for a hot summer

You know how much I love shoes and for this reason, I am constantly searching for new shoe providers, new brands, new shoe artisans, etc.

I don’t always fit with standard shoes found in stores, not because they have a problem, but because my feet are sometimes in between numbers, the laces are to short or any other common reason. This is why I always tend to personalize my shoes, choosing the color I want, the heel, the laces.


It’s  been a month or so that I visited Gabriel Basso showroom, a new name for me, a brand that offers custom made shoes, for men and women. Continue reading