Decades by Potocaliu

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When Cristina asked me to model for her collection, Decades, I was just about to say NO, when I realized it’s all about fronting your own fears. So i said Yes and joined the girls for a fashion show organized by Cristina for her own brand Potocaliu.

What you can see in the pictures bellow is collection imagined around the decades in fashion, from the ’50s to the 2000s. Each of the girls, happy Potocaliu customers had assigned a decade – I was the ’80s (that’s why you can see me wearing the MC Hammer pants, the over sized shoulders, the glittery jacket).

I must say that, with all the emotions we had, each of us, It really was a lot of fun! And for our first runway, I guess we did a pretty good job!

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September essentials

esentiale toamna

I find it somehow difficult to adjust to this lovely weather that’s going on outside, but then again it’s me and some other billion people…So instead of complaining about how sad life is, I guess a small September shopping tour wouldn’t hurt.

It’s been a slow ride until now, but this month begins showing its bad side and I do come to this that the summer romance is gone…(believe me, I know what I’m saying).

Anyway, this fall comes with some lovely outift ideas, with a more simple and clean style approach, very nice colors, elegant & stylish ones like dark green, dark blue, burgundy, etc.

I do love the mom jeans, the fluffy sweaters, the slip ons and the bootie-sandals, the over sized jackets…

So, this is my short September essentials list:

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Cool brands: F-troupe

f troupe

I’ve noticed that we all have some very strong shopping habits, focusing on 2-3 favorite brands. I for instance, I’m not that opened to new brands, that’s why I decided to tell you something about my discoveries while surfing the net or traveling.

Today I’ll tell you about a shoe brand I recently discovered, it’s called F-troupe, it’s an English brand, with very original shoe models.

Very different from what we are used with in Romania, I think they are pretty cool and so easy to wear, with a masculine touch, while with the right outfit, they can turn out quite feminine.

You’ve got there some very nice sneakers, slip ons in tweed, brogues and oxfords shoes, in a very English elegant style.

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Beauty finds – Fruit Goodness


Even if I’m trying all kinds of new beauty products, I am pretty constant when it comes to my favorite skin and body care products.

I find something that I love and just stick to it, for a looong, loong, time. It’s the same thing with all that contains shea extract. I’ve tried almost anything, from no name brands, to Body Shop and Sabon items.

I recently found a new brand that’s specialized in body care products - Fruit Goodness- new on the Romanian market,but with a history in UK – and chose for the moment the Shea shower gel. Cause it’s still summer, I also gave in to a raspberry body butter, with a very nice perfume,  little fresher than the Shea, ideal for this time of year. I had to try also the Coconut body spray, this being my second favorite flavor, and love the spray version of its package.

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Matching shoes – the best idea for Fall

musette fw

One of my biggest problems at the beginning of every season is the huge shopping list ahead. I don’t – obviously – buy everything I want, but I always set a number of items that top my wish list and I try to buy them.

Not only that I am addicted to shoes, by I have a new obsession – matching shoes. This trend makes me shop all kinds of matching flats & heels, like these beauties I just found in the new Fall/Winter 2014 Musette collection.

My addiction to black & white outfits will definitely need a this pair of slip-ons and stilettos, that will ease my day-to-night outfit decisions.

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Zara’s Fall//Winter 2014 Campaign



Still in the middle of summer, the new Fall/Winter collections are getting lined up in stores, so it’s time to start looking at the new season’s proposals.

Zara’s Fall/Winter campaign is showing a more mature, yet sportier side of the modern woman, with a high focus on the black & white mix. You’ll also find some red touches, some blue insertions and definitely a lot of animal print.

I do find it a very promising collection and can’t wait to see it in stores, till then I can admit that my favorite piece so far is the black dress from the image bellow!


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Birkenstock mania

birkenstock 190eBirkenstock fever is definitely  the hottest trend around!

You may or may not know them yet, but they are THE ITEM for this summer.

This season’s favorite flats are back in style with edgy prints, special textures and glam details. Far from the boring and old styled sandals we knew as Birkenstocks, designers offer us a totally renewed version for the IT fashionistas.

They work best with casual outfits, ideal for long summer weekends when all you want is a comfy, yet stylish outfit.

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Summer gladiators 2014


There’s always that item that you absolutely love and crave for, but you never really take it home with you. That’s what happens to me with gladiators: I love them,  I would like to add them to my wardrobe, but I never buy a pair. I’m very close to making the BIG STEP so I made a selection with the hottest pairs of gladiator sandals for summer 2014, just for you to have an idea about the things you can find in both online and offline stores.

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Animal Print shoes for rainy days

20140627_090350One of my dearest friends always introduces me as ” Leti, the girl with a lot of shoes!”. So I decided to wear proudly my branded name and start showing off some shoes,right?

The rainy weather makes me almost scream of unhappiness, so the last thing I need are bad shoes (witch by the way, I don’t have ;) ).

OK, so after waking up at exactly 6 AM, in a rainy & cold day of June!!!!, I starred about 30 minutes trying to decide what shirt to wear with my black skinny ripped jeans (long description, I know and tough decision also ), so I put on my lovely animal print stilettos and went straight to the office.

The rain fell down so beautiful, I couldn’t resist taking some pictures and posting them of course, on my shoes & other stuff blog.

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